2018 Conference Presentations

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A New Era of Sustainability
A Transformational Change for CTE
An Instigator and Path to Crafting a Master Plan
An Urban Bayou Education
Biology to Bedside + Chemistry to Clinic
Community-Driven Campus Designs
Creating a Campus Gateway UNT CVAD
Creating a Gateway for Military Personnel
Design of an Experimental Theater
Designing For Austim
Dream Big – Lamar University
Engagement and Flexibility_Transforming 21st Century Learning
Enterprise Planning – A Case for Moving
Fabrication Center From Student Idea to State of the Art
From Old to New-Bringing New Life to the Heart of a Campus
From Shopping Mall To Campus
Higher Education’s Transformation to an Agile Workplace
Holistic Operation – Getting Facilities and Utilities Working Together
Initiating Campus GIS Mapping
Innovative Hybrid Project Delivery
Integrated Teaching Environments
K-20 the Early College High School
Leveraging Data and Strategic Alignment
Making Room Furniture is Not An Afterthought
Mark C Perna TCUF 2018 KEYNOTE Presentation 09-22-2018 SLIDES
Now You Can Afford To Make The Right Decision
Preserving Unique Campus Resources
Ranch to Campus to New Urban Center
Repurposing of a Mothballed Hospital
St Philip’s College New Campus Gateway – A Connected Campus & Community
TAMUG Academic Building
TAMU-SA Master Plan Transforming Education & Campus Experience
The Evolution of Parking Garages
To Go Where We Have Not Gone Before Programming for Modern Pedagogy
Toward 2035 Integrating
Transformative Collaboration Interprofessional Health Education
Transforming Annual and Capital
Transforming Higher Education in the Northwest
Transforming Laboratory Reasearch at TWU
UT Austin Space Allocation Study