2016 Conference

Welcome to Houston and the 2016 Association of Texas College and University Facilities Professionals (TCUF) Conference and Expo. This is the 5th biennial conference and is hosted by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in cooperation with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB).

Houston is an unmatched combination of international appeal and southern charm. Gone are the days of a stereotyped Texan in an oil field as the image is now replaced with rich diversity in both industry and population. The pride and glory of Houston will always be Johnson Space Center, home to our nation’s astronauts and mission control. The conference theme “Houston, we have an opportunity.  The Millennials have landed” celebrates the rich tradition of NASA and prepares us to think large.  Just as NASA seeks to understand the landscape beyond, we to must work to understand our every  changing workforce and customer base as the new professionals are here and they are the Millennial Generation.

Millennials are about to move into their prime spending years, positioning them to reshape the economy. Their unique perspectives  has already changed the way society operates evidenced when you get a text from your grandmother! With millennials surpassing the baby boomers as the nation’s largest living generation, we need to be prepared in regards to hiring, managing, designing, and collaborating with this new generation. The influence of this generation is positioned to impact our future more than any other in the past.

Our mission was to create a TCUF Conference that will meet both your professional and educational needs by providing AIA/CES learning opportunities, networking time, and some insights into the future of collaborating and working with millennials.

I want to personally thank the planning committee members for their dedication and commitment to coordinating and organizing this year’s conference.  Their unending selflessness, collaboration, and spirit of teamwork, are all critical components to the creation of this successful conference.  They truly made my job so easy!

Please come join us as we learn more about this new generation and how we maximize this opportunity now that “The Millennials have landed.”