2016 Conference Presentations

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Session 092801-A Secure Campus by Design
Session 092803-Life in Our World – Designing for Millenial Students and Faculty
Session 092804-Planning for Interdisciplinary Research
Session 092805-Revitalizing a Campus Icon for the Next Generation
Session 092806-Campus Utility Master Planning and its Role in the Campus Planning Proce…
Session 092903-Designing for the Millennials
Session 092904-Dynamic Program Growth-New Generation of Facilities-Improved Outcomes
Session 092905-Energy Management-Creativity Collaboration Technology + Taking Risks
Session 092906-Starting from Scratch-Building a DIS Network for the Alamo Colleges
Session 092908-Bringing Efficiencies to the Industry Millennial Style
Session 092910-Millennial Athletes
Session 092911 Six Reasons Why Your Academic Space
Session 092913-The Millennials Tools fr Construction Communication
Session 092914-A Bright Opportunity Is LED Lighting Here or Hype
Session 092915-A New Music and Theatre Building at Texas State – Non-STEM for Millenni
Session 092916-Housing Graduate Students vs. Graduate Student Housing
Session 092917-Positive Impact of Insulated Concrete Forms
Session 092918-Trinity University-Preserving Campus Character
Session 092919-Blowing Off Steam
Session 092920-When Worlds Collide
Session 092921-Give me a Laptop-I can work anywhere
Session 092922-Innovation Forum A Strategic Planning Model
Session 092924-New Life for Old Labs
Session 092925-UT Tylers’ College of Pharmacy A New Way Forward
Session 093002-Fusion Facilities for Millennials
Session 093003-Optimizing Space Design for Continual Change
Session 093005-Shaping the Future – Top Trends that Impact STEM Facilities
Session 093006-Structuring Contract Proposals for the Millennnial Generation
Session 093010-Recreating Underperforming Buildings into Centers for Success
Session 093012-One Think Leads to Another